Vaccination in pregnancy

There is a lot of discussion about vaccination in and around pregnancy. The two most topical issues are Flu vaccination and Whooping Cough vaccination.

It recommended that women who will be pregnant during flu season (winter) be vaccinated for Swine flu either prior to or during pregnancy. The Swine flu vaccine is considered safe in pregnancy and there is good evidence to show that if you are pregnant and you get Swine flu that the risk of you becoming seriously ill is much greater than for non pregnant women in the same age group. This can be dangerous for both you and your baby. You cannot get Swine flu from the vaccine itself and the vaccine offers reliable protection against the disease with no significant risk to either you or your baby. It is definitely a good thing to do.

Whooping cough vaccine (See updated recommendations re Whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy July 2013). If you get Whooping cough during pregnancy, whilst unpleasant, it does not pose any particular risk to either the pregnancy or the baby. If a baby catches Whooping cough in the first 12months of life however it can be a life threatening illness. That is why it is recommended that all those who will have close contact with your baby have a booster. This may include your partner, grandparents etc who can all be vaccinated during your pregnancy.