Send hope not flowers – please consider supporting this new charity

“For the cost of a bunch of flowers, you can help save the life of another mother in the developing world.”

I was recently fortunate to attend the launch of a new charity. A colleague of mine from Canberra, Professor Steve Robson came up with the fantastic concept behind this exciting charity. The charity supports organizations which promote maternal health initiatives in the developing world. Their slogan is “Flowers die. Women giving birth shouldn’t”.

The concept is that a pregnant woman can suggest to her friends & families that they make a donation to “Send hope not flowers” rather than sending flowers after the baby is born. Donations can be made on-line   it is a very easy process and in return “Send hope not flowers” will forward a lovely card to the mother notifying her of the donation.

It is such a simple concept and yet has the capacity  to make a meaningful difference to maternal health in the developing world.

It is very sobering to realize that our nearest neighbour, Papua New Guinea has one of the highest rates of maternal death in the world. For a young girl growing up in PNG there is approximately a 1 in 20 chance that she will die in association with either pregnancy or childbirth.

If you are pregnant or know somebody who is pregnant, please consider supporting “Send hope not flowers”