Flu vaccination in pregnancy

It’s Flu vaccination time again.
A reminder to pregnant women to get your Flu vaccinations. The current season vaccine has been available for a few weeks now. It is perfectly safe to be given at any time in pregnancy and is available free of charge to pregnant women.
The northern hemisphere had quite a bad recent flu season, which is often a predictor of what our flu season will be like.
Influenza can cause serious illness to the mother if contracted in the latter stages of pregnancy. The vaccine is very effective at preventing the flu. Note: flu is completely different to the common coughs & colds which occur throughout winter, the flu vaccine will not prevent these. You cannot get the flu by having the vaccine. Being vaccinated will give your baby some degree of influenza protection through the winter months also.
The most common reaction to the vaccine is a mildly sore arm for a couple of days. Other reactions are uncommon – but please feel free to discuss further with your GP.
I have been vaccinated, hurry up & get yours done.