Pregnant and flying – beware of airline policy (& overzealous staff)!

“Pregnant woman kicked off Jetstar flight”
The above article by Katherine Feeney appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald on 2/8/13
If you are pregnant and planning a flight it is worthwhile reading the article.
Interestingly, if you have read my blog on travel in pregnancy you will realise that there is no medical risk associated with domestic air travel at any stage of pregnancy, making the actions of the staff in this story very hard to justify to say the least.
Two important messages from this story
1. check the airline policy before you fly. It will be on their website but it might not be easy to find.
2. if you are visibly pregnant make sure you are carrying a letter stating your EDC and stating that you are medically fit for air travel. It seems ludicrous but I am sure you don’t want to have the same experience as the unfortunate lady in the article above.