Great outcomes for Australian charity in PNG

A couple of years ago I published a post on the establishment of a new charity “Send hope not flowers”. This charity is about reducing rates of maternal death in the developing world. One of its target areas is Papua New Guinea, which is one of our nearest neighbours and also happens to have an extremely high rate of maternal death, approximately 100 times higher than the rate of maternal death in Australia. As somebody who visits PNG regularly this charity is particularly close to my heart.

This article by Helen Davidson published in the Guardian last week highlights one of the outcomes of the contributions to “Send hope not flowers” and is a great example of how a simple intervention can result in substantially improved outcomes.

Australian ‘baby bundles’ cut maternal deaths in PNG province by 78%

The article explains how the simple act of offering “baby bundles” to women who present for pregnancy care has resulted in a large increase in the number of women accessing care for their pregnancy and birth, which is one of the key factors in improving outcomes.

Here is the link to the website